Thank YousKeewaydin Foundation Thank you – Lauren Geiger

November 15, 2017

Dear Kendall,

The gift of a summer spent at Keewaydin is a gift that lasts well beyond the last songs sung around the campfire, the last steps on a difficult portage, or the last goodbyes as families gather to pick up campers.

Donations to Keewaydin are essential and help ensure the vitality and excellence of our summer programs. But you have given the most important gift of all… the gift of Keewaydin, for the more than 700 campers we serve each year, along with the more than 600 public school children served by the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center.

Thank you for your grant of $1,000 which we received on 11/10/2017. Your gift is designated for Annual Fund.

We are excited to watch more boys and girls grow up learning the Keewaydin Way. Thank you for “helping the other fellow!”


Lauren Geiger
Director of Development

P.S. We are so grateful for this gift and to learn of your work in memory of your son. Many, many thanks and fond regards to Joshua, a great staffman.

Read more about the Foundation’s grant to the Keeywaydin Foundation.

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