ReflectionsReflections… an update from Kendall on the foundation’s ongoing impact

March 14, 2018

Another year has passed, and I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of what we have been doing with the foundation…

Since I last reported to you in January of 2017, we have awarded thirteen grants totaling $33,800.  Nearly half ($15,000) of our grants went to overseas outreach through UNICEF, helping in the ongoing Syria crisis, in the African famines, and in hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.  We made these grants to fulfill one of the core components of the foundation’s mission, to provide assistance to people in desperate need around the world.  We also made grants to four new organizations.  Read more about all the grants here.

Here is an update on the financial impact the foundation is having.  As of 12/31/17, the foundation’s total assets were $716,615.  Since we formed the foundation in 2008, 161 contributors have made 254 gifts to the foundation.  And, since December of 2008, we have awarded 88 grants to 21 different organizations totaling $250,425, all in memory of Chris.  His life continues to inspire…

There are some special people I want to recognize.  I want to thank Greg Sullivan, and his team at Sullivan Gang Creative, for all the work done over the years to help us develop our website and produce our newsletters.  We are planning to work with Greg again this fall on a new newsletter, so be on the lookout for it.  We are grateful for your wonderful work in support of the foundation, Greg!

As I told you earlier, we are working with Megan Harper to maintain our foundation website,  She is posting to it regularly to keep you updated on what we are doing.  Megan has also helped us launch a Facebook page to continue to share the impact our grants are making around the world. Click here to like our page.  Thanks for your amazing contribution to the foundation, Megan!

And, I also want to again thank Bill McVey for his handling of the financial aspects of the foundation for us.  He does all of this work on a volunteer basis, another major contribution to the foundation.  Thanks, Bill!

chris-mikesell-foundation-sherry-kendall-willa-2018And finally, Willa will be two in June.  She is growing fast, talking in full sentences, and she’s been on skis a couple of times this winter.  She amazes us every day we get to spend with her.  Chris would be so proud of her!

Sherry, Laura, Julie, and I want to again thank you for your ongoing love and support as we strive to carry out Chris’s dreams through the work of The Chris Mikesell Foundation.  We hope you will have a great spring and summer…

Kendall Mikesell

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Some Reflections on a life that continues to inspire…

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