Funded Projects2021 Funded Project: Camp Horizon

October 13, 2022

Encouraging Children and Youth To Grow in Faith

Located in Arkansas City, Kansas, Camp Horizon is one of five United Methodist camps across Kansas and Nebraska that form Great Plains Camping Inc. In ministry since 1947, the primary purpose of Camp Horizon has been providing a summer camp program for children and youth from first grade through 12th grade. According to the organization, they facilitate a natural setting for people to disconnect and for young people to grow in their faith, as well as develop leadership skills. In addition to the summer camp program, Camp Horizon hosts various groups year-round.


Providing Meaningful Experiences for Young People

In honor of Chris’ love for the outdoors and people, the Chris Mikesell Foundation assists organizations like Camp Horizon that create opportunities for young people to experience nature. The Mikesell family also has had a personal tie to Camp Horizon for many years— their now-grown children attended Camp Horizon during their youth, and various children from their church continue to attend Camp Horizon each year. Therefore, the Chris Mikesell Foundation provided a $1,000 grant to Camp Horizon in 2021.

  • “Thank you so much for your support.”

    — Joel Wilke, Camp Director
    Camp Horizon

Creating a Place for Campers To Relax in Nature

The grant from the Chris Mikesell Foundation was used to create a “hammock village” for campers to relax and take in all the beautiful surroundings at Camp Horizon. Sturdy posts were purchased and installed, allowing campers to attach one end of their hammock to a post and the other end to a nearby tree. It is anticipated that the “hammock village” will be used and enjoyed for many years to come!


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