Funded Projects2022 Funded Project: Crested Butte Nordic

May 11, 2023

The Nordic Ski Capital of Colorado

Crested Butte Nordic is a community-owned and operated nonprofit Nordic ski area located in Crested Butte with the mission of providing people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and improve in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. By grooming a trail network, hosting events, and offering various programs, the team at Crested Butte Nordic has been able to serve the local community through access to affordable, safe outdoor recreation. Their programs help sustain the community’s health and well-being, their trails provide safe places for people to access nature, and their events give people reasons to get outside and connect with others. In addition to providing rental equipment to visitors, they offer ski lessons, backcountry tours, regular events, and fine dining at their trail-side yurt.

Helping Reach the Finish Line

In honor of Chris’ adventurous spirit, love of people, and passion for travel, the Chris Mikesell Foundation aims to support opportunities for young people to experience nature and recently awarded a $2,000 grant to Crested Butte Nordic to cover the ongoing costs of their Outpost efforts. With over 2,000 season pass holders, waiting lists for youth programs, an extensive amount of lessons and tours given daily, and a Masters Community of nearly 300 members, Crested Butte Nordic was in need of additional space. By constructing “The Outpost,” a 2,880-square-foot building, the organization will be able to create new space for Crested Butte Nordic’s year-round administrative staff while providing ample space for youth and adult programming, including a team room for the Crested Butte Nordic Team.

  • “Thank you for your generous support of Crested Butte Nordic and so many important local nonprofit organizations...

    The funds awarded by the Chris Mikesell Foundation have helped close our fundraising gap. This year, we’re nearing the end of a three-year capital campaign for The Outpost, and the support of local foundations and partners has been critical to ensuring we reach the finish line!”

    —Hedda Peterson, Crested Butte Nordic

To see a comprehensive history of organizations and causes the Foundation has supported, see all Funded Projects.

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