Funded Projects2022 Funded Project: Keewaydin Foundation

September 9, 2023

Promoting Personal Growth Opportunities

The Keewaydin Foundation is an organization based in Vermont with the mission of offering camping experiences and challenges to help children achieve significant personal growth by living in a community, being independent, and living simply in rustic and natural settings. These camping experiences are centered around providing community by bringing together children and staff from a broad range of social, economic, racial, religious, and national backgrounds. Additionally, they present campers with challenges that help develop self-confidence, teach the importance of service to others, and curate an appreciation and connectedness to the natural world.

  • “Children today are facing two challenges to their healthy functioning: anxious, over-protective parents and the relentless, anxious-making demands of social media.

    The antidote for both is sleep-away summer camp. Kids need to know they can live without their devices; they need to be in contact with nature, and they need to exercise their independence in a safe, loving environment. A summer camp experience for children has never been more important than it is today.”
    — Michael Thompson, Consultant at Keewadyin Camps

Modeling a Safe, Happy, Simple Life

In honor of Chris’ love for the outdoors and people, the Chris Mikesell Foundation assists organizations like the Keewaydin Foundation that create opportunities for young people to experience nature. Through the husband of Chris’ sister, Laura, the Chris Mikesell Foundation became aware of the Keewaydin Foundation and provided a $1,000 grant in 2022. The grant was used to help cover a variety of expenses related to programs, equipment, maintenance, and scholarships.

  • “We are grateful for the support of the Chris Mikesell Foundation.

    Chris’s love for the outdoors, spending time on rivers, and hiking all mirror the activities Keewaydin offers its campers. Everything we know about Chris suggests that he experienced the same growth opportunities that marked his beautiful, adventurous heart. We are proud to give kids these kinds of experiences and truly believe they will have the same positive impact that Chris experienced in nature.”
    — Mary Welz, Director of Development, Keewadyin Foundation

Fostering a Sense of Community

With the monetary support of the Chris Mikesell Foundation, the Keewaydin Foundation will continue equipping campers with opportunities to learn how to be part of a community and discover how to take care of themselves and each other while engaged in activity. Moreover, they will learn how to lead and follow, celebrate successes, and grow from mistakes. By interacting in meaningful ways with staff members who emphasize the camp’s values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and courage, they not only grow more confident but become more resilient.

To see a comprehensive history of organizations and causes the Chris Mikesell Foundation has supported, view all Funded Projects.

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