Funded Projects2022 Funded Project: Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

October 26, 2023

Maintaining a Unique Perspective

The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley (CFGV) is “Here for Good,” strengthening and enriching the community through engaged philanthropy, thoughtful grantmaking, strategic education, and collaborative leadership. To better connect and inspire individuals, the CFGV serves as a mothership organization for area nonprofits, acting as a resource for one-on-one staff and board support, capacity-building, networking, and funding. Due to their uniquely positioned outlook on the well-being of Gunnison Valley without regard to jurisdictional boundaries, they maintain a unique perspective on community collaborations and ways that government, nonprofits, private businesses, and individual community members can work together to solve their community’s largest challenges.

Providing Professional Guidance and Resources

In honor of Chris’ passion for travel and love of the outdoors, particularly Crested Butte, the Chris Mikesell Foundation provides assistance to organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment’s natural beauty. In 2022, the Chris Mikesell Foundation provided a monetary donation of $4,000 to the CFGV to continue offering professional guidance and curated resources to local nonprofits.

  • “It's an honor to carry out community work in Chris's name...

    He was such a well-rounded young man, and his inclination to seek understanding, always give others respect, and find common ground with those around him are traits that we see so many of our local nonprofit organizations embrace daily. They are critical to success in a world where divisiveness and disagreement are all too prevalent, and we’re grateful for the example Chris set, and the Chris Mikesell Foundation carries on to be the best we can be and have fun along the way.”

    — Lauren Kugler, Executive Director, CFGV

Supporting Local Organizations

With assistance from the Chris Mikesell Foundation, the CFGV will continue to provide one-on-one assistance in order to help organizations like the Crested Butte Land Trust, Gunnison Valley Mentors, High Country Conservation Advocates, and Wonderland Nature School be more Sustainable, Tough, Efficient, and Purposeful (STEP). From staff coaching to grant application feedback to customized capacity-building through its STEP Program, the CFGV remains focused on helping the following organizations and others be as efficient and effective as possible:

  • Crested Butte Land Trust

    The nonprofit organization works with partners to preserve scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, local ranching heritage, and recreational opportunities forever. Willing landowners, local ranchers, government entities, fellow nonprofits, and committed community members make their valuable work possible.

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  • Gunnison Valley Mentors

    Gunnison Valley Mentors recognizes the significance of mentors in helping young people fulfill their potential and become positive, contributing adults. Much of their work revolves around effectively addressing recidivism among juvenile offenders and equipping them with the necessary skills to lead fulfilling lives.

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  • High Country Conservation Advocates

    This advocacy organization fights for the protection of Gunnison County, collaborates with local stakeholders and policymakers, and upholds the environmental integrity of the Gunnison community. Its work ensures these iconic public lands and waters will be healthy for generations to come.

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  • Wonderland Nature School

    The mission of Wonderland Nature School remains to awaken children’s sense of self through play and exploration of the surrounding natural world. Creating bilingual learning environments that serve the diverse needs of children provides age-appropriate early learning opportunities that cultivate meaningful inquiry, eager curiosity, and lifelong learning.

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To see a comprehensive history of organizations and causes the Chris Mikesell Foundation has supported, view all Funded Projects.

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